In a virtual world, we have several interactive solutions perfect for your next online meeting, brand launch, or any virtual event where you are looking to engage attendees!

We offer several solutions designed to unite an audience online and provide an opportunity to engage with fans, consumers, supporters, employees, students, and more. From our online photo mosaic, virtual photo booth, and unique mosaic GIFs created remotely, we offer a unique photo solution for your next online event.

Virtual Photo Booth

Take your photo booth virtual! Our browser-based virtual photo booth is perfect for remote teams, virtual events, conferences, and more. Learn more about this experience here.

Virtual Streaming Digital Mosaic

Engaging audiences online isn’t easy.  Add interactivity and engagement to online events while helping your audience and employees stay connected with Virtual Mosaic Walls.

Digital Mosaics encourage participation by using individual photos to create a larger picture mosaic in real-time. Photos can be collected from social media channels with the use of specific hashtags, text, email or can be captured and uploaded from a customized branded webform.

Attendees view the mosaic as it is being created in real-time through a custom branded microsite.

The results – a mural with your branding to display created with an audience or employee participation.  Close up all of the individual photos are displayed, but further back the actual photo mosaic is revealed creating a very impactful tribute to display and share.

Virtual Mosaic GIF

Provide attendees with a GIF using their photo and integrating into a mosaic created with photos of your choice. This shareable mosaic GIF animation is perfect for demonstrating team cohesiveness and facilitating a collaborative community image of your brand.

It’s a perfect solution to virtually engage audiences and connect employees.

Participants take or upload a photo on a custom webpage branded with your company’s logo. The photo is instantly run through our software to create the mosaic GIF animation.

The completed mosaic GIF animation is sent via email and audiences are encouraged to share with the social platforms of your choosing.

Photo Collection

Webform Submission

We will work with you to create a custom web page where guests can take and upload photos that can be included in the digital mosaic or they can email a Mosaic GIF Animation to themselves to share on social media.


Photos can be pulled in from social media channels with the use of specific hashtags.


Set up a phone number to allow guests to text their photos.


Email submission is also available.